Discrete? Netflix & Chill!

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Discrete? Netflix & Chill!


Well well well… who have you been missing?


It’s your favourite girl – Lucy!


Yes, it has been a while. What have we got to catch up on?


This instalment will (hopefully!) show you that you don’t need to take me to the most high-end and exclusive place you can think of if that isn’t your style. Yes, I’m an escort. But this isn’t like the movies. It’s better ;)


I’m yours. I’m all yours. I can call you whatever name you want me to.


Are you discrete and prefer an overnight stay but think I might not be up for it? I love overnight stays! Sleepovers while we get to know each other under the sheets.


A night in together is just as good in my books than dressing up and going out. The best thing about an overnight stay is we have a limitless amount of time to really spread out the fun.


So, what could we do for our night in? Here are some recommendations, but we can do whatever makes your heart race and your cock throb.


Thing 1: “Delivery”


We can order anything from expensive pizza restaurants to the local Dominos. While we wait for the pizza, we can begin our foreplay fun and lay out the ground rules for the night. Just so we can work on a respectable boundary and still have all your desires fulfilled.


Thing 2: “Is that the soap?”


While the bubble bath fills up and the candles are lit, we can lay in the bath tub with a glass of champagne… you feel my foot touching your throbbing cock. Did you just cum? No, that was just the bubbles.


Thing 3: “Let’s watch this!”


Is your type of fun putting on a movie on Netflix? Let’s Netflix & Chill! While we come closer together watching the movie, we can do whatever you desire.


Thing 4: “One more episode?”


Next episode begins. Maybe we can do a game. Go one level higher and deeper into our sexual playground after each episode? Who doesn’t like edging*?



Thing 5: “Can I cum and watch?”


Have you ever been curious to have someone watch you having the best sex you had? Or have you ever wanted to be the one watching? We can have anything you want arranged.


Thing 6: “Set the alarm for sex o’clock


We can do whichever you prefer. Do you like having an early night sleeping? Do you like staying up until 4am when our bodies are so sensitive that we can have multiple orgasms? The ball’s in your court.


Thing 7: “Knock, knock. Room service”


I love waking you up with my body. Hair stroked. Kissing neck. The morning really is the best time of the day.


These are some of my recommendations on what we can do on a night in if you prefer this route. Hey… that’s where the fun really happens, right? Let’s make this a night to remember. Let’s make this a night you’ll be thinking about 10 years down the track. Fireworks. Panting. Fogged windows. Moaning.




Little Miss Lucy x


* Edging is when you get to the point before orgasm and then we stop. This happens multiple times until the explosion blows your brains out.


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