Good things come in small packages

The Lucy Experience

Good things come in small packages

Delicately soft to touch and oh so pleasant to breathe in, from head to toe is one way to describe me. An addiction that keeps heightening your senses with every touch and kiss, teasing and tantalising your soul like butterflies on  wild flowers on spring afternoon. I want to take you to a world. A world so far away, we forget about the complexity of todays surroundings.

I love feeling our chest beat in unison when I press my rosy soft lips against yours, and caress you like a long-lost lover. A familiar feeling and sense of relief will flow over you like warm honey once you enter my Luxury CBD apartment. Yes, I have amazing beach and city views but I’m sure you will barely notice it when you see me. I enjoy taking the time and care to prepare for you and our time together. I take our time together very seriously and have so much pride in looking the part for you. This for me is so mentally pleasing and I want you to know that when you book me, you get me as a whole. No gimmicks no smoke and mirrors, Just me. As a human willingly and wholly wanting to dedicate myself to your satisfaction, mentally and physically.

I am a true submissive that has been trained to serve you. And I have to say, that serving my lover to their full needs, is my deepest desires. That part of me, will never change. I love connecting with you on a deeper level, mentally and physically I want to be yours. I love learning new things about you and understanding you and what make you the beautiful human you are. I want to be ‘present’ for my lovers in a way that reinforces our connection and chemistry together. Good or bad, I want it all. I want every part of you. I don’t ever want you to feel like you can’t be with me when everything is not “fine and dandy” you don’t have to be anything other then yourself with me. I accept you for everything you have to bring.  Nothing more and nothing less.


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