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Before I started escorting, I felt empty in majority of the roles I played in my ‘society approved’ positions. Now don’t get me wrong - I’m a very loyal and committed employee, being raised by a business minded family I found myself being one of ‘those’ employee that treated the company I worked for as if it were my own – I had immense pride in my work and work ethic. I outgrew positions at a rapid pace whilst continuing on with further education in order to climb the corporate ladder. After many attempts to increase my work/life satisfaction and almost distancing myself from happiness, I felt like I started to self-sabotage my professional growth. I noticed myself at an impasse. Now what do I do?

One day on my lunch break I was having a (at the time normal) conversation with a friend about life and the constant search for happiness and the lengths we take to mask our monotonous lives. When my friend (let’s call him John for argument’s sake) abruptly asked me “What makes YOU happy Lucy?”. Well, what did? What DID make ME happy? With a cheeky grin spreading across my face I almost had to contain myself when I replied “you know the answer to that”. Almost simultaneously we both said “Chasing Dick” so loud that everyone surrounding us in the food court looked as us in shock! An awkward moment and a few nervous laughs later I got to thinking. My afternoon passed in a daze until I went home and sat on my lounge thinking about which fuckboy I wanted to play with that night when I decided to do a little research on escorting and possibly dip my delicate toe in the water of the dark side without severing ties to my socially acceptable job and position in modern day society. 

Being inexperienced and naïve I landed in the hands of a narcissistic pimp, disguised as a fellow escort “helping me out” in the industry. She orchestrated a full-blown story with her “boyfriend” – stating that “she believed in me” and that “I was special” and that “I should see it as a privilege” and that she would mentor me for a very cheap rate of 40% of everything including extras. That’s right dearest readers. I unwittingly walked into the wrong side of the business straight up. I was lied to, put in dangerous situations where I was almost raped and my pimp couldn’t have cared less because she needed to get the next girl in and turned around in 15 minutes. Many a time I was shoved out the door and told to walk around a city I didn’t know for hours on end just in case she could make more money out of me on that day. On many occasions her level of care was such that she would even forget I was around and when I asked if I was able to leave I was told “Oh, I thought you left already….. oops I forgot about you”. Let’s just say this didn’t last very long as I finally found a true Diamond who scooped me up and taught me everything I needed to know to start my own Business. 

I couldn’t let what that woman did to me prevent me from achieving the sole purpose for which I felt like I was placed on this earth. Yes, I feel that strongly about escorting! I wasn’t going to let one person (who had single handedly treated me in the worst way that I had ever experienced) stop me from taking my place on my own throne. My purpose is to educate and explore with strangers and familiar lovers my hidden most secret kinks and desires. It is so exciting and satisfying on so many levels I couldn’t bear thinking of doing anything else.

Creating myself (Lucy Price) and my persona was the easiest part. I kept it real! True to myself and what I believe in, It’s more than just a “job” for me - it’s a way of life. A life I choose to live without shame. I always think to myself “Why should I be ashamed?”. For the unconditional love I have to give on so many levels? For the non-refundable gift of time I give? Nope. No shame here! I always used to see myself as polygamous until I realised it was more than that. The instant connections and almost spontaneous love I would feel for so many different people, from so many walks of life was a sign I could not ignore. I knew giving myself to you was the true reward I craving in life.

Establishing my business in Wollongong was a risky but well rewarded move and I’m grateful for the opportunities that this beautiful city has paved for me. The connections and love that I have personally experienced have been nothing short of a blessing and I feel privileged that the people of Wollongong (and afar) have spoken. I wouldn’t be able to make my life and company as successful and reputable without the good word of every single one of you. As I grow and become more confident with my outlook I have found that I have become increasingly keen to explore mine and your kinks and fetishes with familiar lovers. Like anything, connections grow stronger and we become more confident and trusting of our lovers. In turn we find that both lovers let go and become more open and less concerned about the outside world and start exploring your deepest fetishes. 
Coming up to my 1 year anniversary, I have found that my roots have been firmly planted in Wollongong and I am ecstatically dedicating my time to the people of this glorious part of the earth. I have toured a few times to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra but each time I have only missed my familiar (and not so familiar) lovers. To be true to my myself I have decided to not plan any new tour in the foreseeable future and priorities will be centred around the land over which I reign. 

I hope this blog has given you more of an insight for my passion for what I do, and the determination I forever have to perservere and strive for a higher level of sexual knowledge. To explore kinks and fetishes whilst experiencing greater levels of connections with you, is why I was put on this earth. To serve YOU! 

Lucy Price


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