There is no shame in being an Escort

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Here we go again: another entry from your favourite girl Lucy Price.


In this edition, we will be doing things differently. There appears to be a lot of social stigma, dogma, and prejudice against both escorts and escort clients.


There is no shame in being an escort; and further, there is no shame in being a client of this service. Just because society tells you something is bad, does that really make it bad? Sex is natural, healthy, and stimulating. I could point you to thousands of articles talking about the health benefits of sex, but we will take a different approach here.


Below are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t feel shame for being a client.


Reason 1: Society is not always right


For centuries, being gay was considered shameful and should not be practised. Does the majority of society hold this same view today? Magic 8 Ball says No. The times are changing. Although the barriers of this field of work are falling; there is still a strong opposition. Just remember: society is not always right and gets it wrong more times than not.


Reason 2: Clients are people


In my practise, I never run into assholes who are clients. I experienced more of these types working behind a bar. Who gets to decide that my clients are assholes? Certainly not me and certainly not my clients. We are freedom-seekers. Clients are humans; not assholes. A little louder for the person in the back!


Reason 3: Clients are clean


Social stigma portrays escort clients as greasy, slimy, and pigs. This is far from the truth. Going off the previous point, clients are humans. They are gentle, and all are kind.


Reason 4: Sex is good for you


There’s no denying it; sex is good for you. Science says so. You can’t argue with science. If something is good for your physical & mental health, how is that bad for you? It makes no logical sense.


Reason 5: Experimenting makes you a better person


Delving back into science, every technological innovation comes from many failed experiments. Escorts like myself are your tools and you are the scientist. Here, you can find your perfect recipe.


Reason 6: It’s a hobby


Some people like knitting as a pastime. Some people like playing video games; some people like going for a run; some people like sex; some people like masturbating; some people even like painting! Sex is a hobby. Why should you feel shame for doing something you enjoy? Society shouldn’t control your life.


Always remember; you should never feel shame for being a client. Escort clients are not pigs, they are not assholes, they are not dirty, they are not bad people. Clients are warm, friendly, kind, expressive, curious, and fun! Why on earth should we think any differently? Don’t allow the jealous oppressors of society to dictate how you should live your life. Stigma is the cancer of society; it needs to go! Until next time,


Little Miss Lucy x



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